Nuestra Isla Habla

Descubre la belleza natural de la isla de Pukapuka/ Nassau y la sabiduría mediambiental transmitida a través de sus ancestros.

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Our Atoll Speaks

Enter the breathtaking atoll of Pukapuka/Nassau in this communal film -poem and discover the environmental wisdom of our ancestors.

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Join the Otto Cake roller coaster ride and travel through the colorful world of Hawai’i’s cheesecake baking wizard Otto, a punk rock, roller skating and drug-fighting impresario, who just wants to spread aloha one sweet bite at a time.

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Homecoming follows two women who, after decades away, return to their beloved childhood atoll of Pukapuka. This 3 square km piece of coral land rises from the vast Pacific Ocean deeply imprinting their lives. The film reveals a unique story of love, survival and indigenous resiliency in the midst of rising tides and migration.

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Ella es el Matador

A feature length documentary about two female matadors who face not only the fierce bull, but also must fight against decades of legal prohibition and prejudice in pursuit of their dream.

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El Abrazo

El Abrazo (The Embrace) tells the story of same-sex tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Berlin and New York City as they ignite their passion through the tango embrace.

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