Talcual Films

El Abrazo

A feature documentary film in production


El Abrazo (The Embrace) follows the lives of Leo Sardella and Walter PĂ©rez, whose entangled love story unfolds through the art of tango. Their journey takes us from the capital cities of tango–New York City, Buenos Aires and Berlin–to explore how this passionate dance has become a tool for personal transformation and social change. To received updates about El Abrazo’s production join our mailing list.

The Issue – Why Now?

El Abrazo (The Embrace), a character-driven documentary about queer tango, will resonate with two overlapping audiences that have an increasingly high profile nationwide: the marriage equality movement and the immigration reform movement. The story of Walter and Leonardo, tango dancers and teachers, reveals an little known aspect of the Latino immigrant experience: the hurdles confronting gay immigrants, especially same-sex couples that have not qualified under U.S. laws granting residency to married couples. As Walter and Leo navigate the challenges of gender, machismo and making a living as tango artists from the barrios of Buenos Aires to the barrios of New York City, a richly complex and inclusive image of Latino identity and gay rights emerges. Through the beauty of tango and the charisma of our characters, El Abrazo will provide affirmation for members of the marriage equality and immigration reform movements, build bridges between the two movements, and provide an effective media tool to foster a non-polemic understanding of two of the most important and contentious social issues facing the nation today.