A message from Gemma and Amelia about Our Atoll Speaks!

Our Atoll Speaks premieres at the 2019 Te Kuki Airani Film Festival in Rarotonga opening the film festival. Event is sold out here a message of excitement and gratitude from Hawaii!!

Our Atoll Speaks screens at Wesley Intermediate School in New Zealand!

Thanks to Latea Katoa we got a minute request to do a screening of Our Atoll Speaks at Wesley Intermediate School in Auckland! 
Beautiful event in every sense of the word- the kids asked questions about climate change, making films and telling their own stories 💛🎬🌺 the principal and the teachers were amazing too. Thank you for this beautiful experience in the school! happy birthday darling Latea Katoa🎂🌺🎬🙏🏼 we truly hope that Our Atoll Speaks will be used as an educational media tool about Pukapukan /indigenous conservation practices around the world in the years to come!

Pukapukan Community in NZ responds to Our Atoll Speaks!

Here you have members of the Pukapukan Community in Auckland, NZ Aotearoa responding to the screening of OUR ATOLL SPEAKS: Ko Talatala Mai Tō Mātou Wenua at the Poynesian Cultural Center on July 25, 2019. Thank you Ernestina Bonsu Maro from PMN Cook Islands for your coverage of our film during the premiere at the New Zealand International Film Festival. More info at www.talcualfilms.com

Beautiful premiere in Aotearoa of Our Atoll Speaks!

We could not hope for a better premiere of Our Atoll Speaks, (Ko Talatala Mai Tō Mātou Wenua) at the New Zealand International Film Festival within the Maori/Pasifika shorts.  More screenings to come in Auckland, Wellington and additional cities across the country. Here some photos for the memories. Please check the schedule to follow the film as it tours the country. Eternally grateful and honored to be included in such a remarkable collection of Pasifika films!

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Beautiful Q&A with the Nga- whanaunga Maori Pafifika Short Filmmakers !
Great Radio Interview with Ernestina Bonsu Maro from PMN Radio Cook Islands !
With beautiful programmers of NZIFF Ngā Whanaunga Māori Pasifika Shorts 2019 and members of the Pukapukan Community in Auckland !
Amelia Borofsky, co-writer and coproducer of Our Atoll Speaks with her Pukapukan family celebrating the premiere at NZIFF 2019!
Gemma, director, producer and co-writer of the film speaking to the audience after the screening of the short films.

Check out the Interview of Amelia Borofsky for Tagata Pasifika in New Zealand