Emotions Revealed:
The Life and Work of Dr. Paul Ekman

A personal portrait of the American psychologist whose groundbreaking scientific work investigating the facial expressions of human emotions silently permeates our modern world and the depths and significance of our humanity.


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The Island in Me

The Island In Me follows two women, Amelia Borofsky and Johnny Frisbie to their remote childhood atoll of Pukapuka in the Cook Islands. Taking the viewer into a unique Polynesian way of life never captured in film before and also sharing her intimate connection to the island, filmmaker Gemma Cubero del Barrio offers in her new documentary feature an evocative journey on love, loss, memory, identity and the universal search for wholeness.

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Our Atoll Speaks

Enter the breathtaking atoll of Pukapuka/Nassau in this award winning communal film -poem and discover the environmental wisdom of our ancestors.

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Nuestra Isla Habla

Descubre la belleza natural de la isla de Pukapuka/ Nassau y la sabiduría mediambiental transmitida a través de sus ancestros en este premiado cortometraje documental.

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Join the Otto Cake roller coaster ride and travel through the colorful world of Hawai’i’s cheesecake baking wizard Otto, a punk rock, roller skating and drug-fighting impresario, who just wants to spread aloha one sweet bite at a time.

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Ella es el Matador

An award winning feature length documentary about two female matadors who face not only the fierce bull, but also must fight against decades of legal prohibition and prejudice in pursuit of their dream.

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El Abrazo

El Abrazo (The Embrace) tells the story of same-sex and non-binary tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Berlin, New York City and beyond as they ignite their passion through the tango embrace and reveals, after the COVID 19 pandemic, the universal need for human connection. A documentary series in development.

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