Film in Development

El Abrazo

El Abrazo (The Embrace) follows the lives of Leo Sardella and Walter Pérez, whose entangled love story unfolds through the art of tango. Their journey takes us from the capital cities of tango–New York City, Buenos Aires and Berlin–to explore how this passionate dance has become a tool for personal transformation and social change.

In El Abrazo, the passionate and popular art of tango comes to life through Walter and Leo, whose entangled love story takes us from the dance halls of New York City and Buenos Aires to the ballrooms of Berlin. The feature documentary reveals how this Latin American dance crosses borders and breaks stereotypes, offering a creative, playful and empowering vehicle to explore issues of gender, sexuality, multiculturalism, and human rights on and off the dance floor. As dancers Walter and Leo aim for the highest level of mastery—as gay immigrants they face daunting challenges to realize their dreams. Walter and Leo’s quest to be together puts a human face on the pressing issues of immigration reform and marriage equality. In telling their story, El Abrazo will foster new appreciation of what is at stake for our democracy in attaining freedom of expression and equality for all.

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