Our Atoll Wins 2021 Coast Film MacGillivray Freeman Environmental Filmmaker Runner-Up Award!

Here we share the kind & encouraging words from the Coast Film Festival Team! Thank you so much for such beautiful and generous recognition!

“This annual award goes to the filmmaker who tells a story about an important topic and effectively uses the power of film to inform and inspire audiences to take action and make a positive impact for the planet.

OUR ATOLL SPEAKS made our audience aware of the Pukapuka/Nassau, Cook Islands and the conservation practices of the people on these remote places. The short film does a great job documenting the environmental practices of the community and highlighting the beauty, knowledge and uniqueness of these atolls and the people who live there. They are already being affected by climate change but their story gives us hope of their survival through their management practices that ensures biodiversity, food security and sustainable use of resources.

In addition to the recognition, the award includes a $1,500 prize to be used towards your next film project as well as an introduction to award winning IMAX filmmaker Greg MacGillivray and his wife Barbara who are passionate about film, environmental education and conservation.” – The Coast Film Festival Team